Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sabah Is Beautiful State In Malaysia

The second largest state in Malaysia, is the northernmost province of Sabah on the island of Borneo and Sarawak, is known as East Malaysia.

Called the "Land Below the Wind", probably because it is just south of the typhoon belt located, it is a popular destination for those who want something from the rest of Malaysia a little different.

Despite its proximity to Sarawak not to share his neighbor tribal diversity and culture tends to make the lines in the vicinity of the Philippines follow but, unlike stocks Sarawak strong Islamic traditions with the rest of Peninsular Malaysia.

For those who have a taste for adventure, Sabah has everything you need. Its golden beaches of high mountains and jungle, where one of the highest mountains in East and Southeast Asia popular attractions Mount Kinabalu prevail proud. Among nature lovers, Sabah and legendary jungle full of life, some species of flora and fauna unknown or unrecorded today lie hidden in his generous when in turn decreases rapidly.

This is where you the rare and endangered orangutan, which is often known as "the wild man of Borneo", but because of deforestation in the region to see the observations of these monkeys in the wild chestnut is becoming a rarity.

Gateway Sabah and its capital is the relatively new city of Kota Kinabalu or KK as it is commonly called. This is an excellent starting point rise when visiting other parts of the islands of the state and in the offshore area.


Sabah has an equatorial climate. Temperatures rarely above 32 ° C, except for very hot days and along the coastal areas rarely drops below 20 ° C at night. Now, inside and at higher elevations, it can be very cold at night. The relative humidity is 85 to 95 percent in the rule.

Precipitation is frequent throughout the year, ranging from about 150 cm to about 450 cm per year. In most parts of Sabah wet period occurs during the northeast monsoon is from October to February and during the dry season south-west monsoon from March to September.