Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Mabul Island Between The Island Paradise Of Diving In Sabah

Mabul Island consists of 20 - acres of land located about 15 km from Sipadan . As you look down , you will see an oval, white beaches and brilliant sand to see around a large rock . In fact , enchanting scenes of famous Borneo Divers from around the world. There are a number of resorts on the island , where divers and nature lovers to book their accommodation as strategically located between the islands of Borneo.

Mabul actually not be walking over 30 minutes due to the fact that it is very small . You could expect on the island that can be seen on the sea for food addict. They fish in the waters around Pulau Mabul earn a living and support their families. There are basic facilities on the island available to the community so they can live a decent life despite the distance from the mainland . Divers flock to Borneo in the seat of rule book in Mabul , if they intend to explore the beautiful coral reefs of Pulau Sipadan . It is undeniable that the Mabul Island is famous for its proximity to Sipadan . However, this does not mean that there is less attention. Mabul diving offers a great adventure divers are great for dirt diving is a form of diving in which a diver can actually in the waters surrounding the island is flat, see the underwater world .

If you wish to visit other reservations, you can always arrange a boat man to you and be accompanied by the other islands. Moreover , Borneo , make sure you have all necessary permissions to enter the sanctuary and tourist attraction in the region. We want you to have fun and get the most out of your diving holiday on the island. It is recommended to acquire all of your needs before . On the island , it would be quite inconvenient to go to the continent , if you have sufficient stocks , however , due to the fact that this island resort is known for diving camp , there are stores that cater to visitors to the justice of the island. There are also jump between islands can be arranged with local fishermen .

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Mystery Island Snake In The Garden Of The Pulau Kalampunian Damit Sabah

Pulau Tiga Park on the coast of Sabah, Malaysia consists of three islands. The largest, Pulau Tiga, the location of the event was the popular TV reality show "Survivor Island". The smallest island of Pulau Tiga, named Island Kalampunian Damit or Snake Island, is home to venomous sea snakes.


Kraits banded Sea Snake (Laticauda colubrina) which abound on the island Kalampunian Damit relatively shy and not aggressive, they rarely bite people unless provoked or accidental in stepping. Snake venom is 3-4 times more potent than the snake.

Uniqueness of the Pulau Tiga in Sabah Borneo as well as the entire resort and environmentalists focus.

Pulau Tiga is only the beginning as Forest Reserves, but the area has been offered as a National Park Sabah , in 1978 . Three Island covers an area of ​​coral islets , including two known as the Big Island and Kalampunian Kalampunian Damit , better known as Snake Island .

Pulau Tiga is certainly among the island for tourists. Pulau Tiga is unique which definitely can not be forgotten by those who came to the island.

In addition to the unique nature unspoilt , as virgin forest , mangrove vegetation ( mangrove ) , sparkling beaches , Pulau Tiga Park provides an opportunity for visitors to see more than 60 species of birds , including birds Tambun (Anas Freycinet ) which is an endemic species , on the island of Borneo .

Apart from birds, Three Island Park is also inhabited by several species of wild animals such as monkeys ( Maccaca Fasicularis ) , lizards ( Eguana ) and tens of thousands of pieces of Kluang (Flying fox ) .

The Kalampunian Damit Island ( Snake Island ) , visitors can see hundreds of sea snakes ( Laticuda Calubrina ) who become permanent residents on the island. Snake Island ( Snake Island) in recent years has become a favorite spot for visitors from abroad .

The visitors who are interested in marine life ( Marine Life ) would have felt a satisfaction at seeing a wide variety of marine life , including sponges , available at Three Island Park , and is believed to coral reefs in some of the most beautiful in the world.

Also be on the visitor attraction , is that some areas of the Volcano Lumpur ( Mud Volcano ) and also the nests of birds found Tambun coastlands beach .

It's not a loss to come personally and feel calm and able to see how the beauty of available area attractions of the island. Not to come we do not know what the real feelings , so LET'S come to Sabah and tasted wonderful places in the Kingdom under this breeze .

Sipadan Island Semporna Sabah

Sabah is a state also has many places of interest like the other states in Malaysia . Many tourists who come to visit and vacation in Sabah due to the beauty factor attractions in Sabah . Among the Sipadan Island , Poring Hot Springs and many others .

Background Of Sipadan

Pulau Sipadan is an oceanic island near Semporna , a city on the east coast of Sabah , Malaysia .
Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia from limestone with a height of 600 meters from the sea.
Sipadan Island is famous as a place of choice for scuba diving ( scuba diving) are among the best in the world.

According to poll results released publicly by a single organization for the world's 7 wonders voting ( New 7 Wonders of Nature votes Commitee ) , Sipadan Island has been listed among the 77 landform magic and the world's best in the year ending July 2009 .

Sipadan Island has its attractions. Natural underwater divers Sipadan offers a full view of marine life such as Barracuda , turtles, fish , and so on .

The colors are many and changed, blinds, crevices, rock rungkupan , caverns and cerombong vertical underwater reefs formed by various waiting to be seen by divers who want to enjoy a fun dive in the world.

The island was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1933 and the original environment has been maintained until now .

Around Sipadan Island has a number of popular area for divers "Hot spot center to scuba divers " for example Barracuda Point , Turtle Cavern ( Cave Turtles ) , Coral Gardens , Drop Off (located near the main jetty of Pulau Sipadan ) , North Point , West Ridge Park Hanging gardens ( Hanging gardens) , Lobster Lair , Staghorn Crest , South Point , Turtle Patch , Middle Rock (Mid Reef) , whitetip Avenue and Coral gardens.

Features Pulau Sipadan

Sipadan Island is famous for its sea that a major factor tourists either within or outside the country to come here and spend their holidays with family and loved ones as well .

For those interested in the tranquility of nature, and may be coming back on the island. Sipadan Island also provides vacation packages appropriate for a family , couples and so on .

Therefore, as a citizen of this, I and friends are very blessed to have the beauty of God's creation as Sipadan island beloved country of our birth .